We carry out a diagnosis and status report prior to developing the strategy based on our findings.

We prepare the spokespersons with theoretical and practical knowledge to face their encounters with the journalists.

Press Office

Based on our client’s needs we develop action plans to provide the appropriate responses to different media requirements.

We define the most appropriate course of action for each situation: the organisation of press conferences; specific media encounters; creation, distribution and monitoring of press releases; dissemination of reports and studies; panel management and opinion leaders.

Press clipping service with key performance indicator (KPI) definition and analysis of results.

Our experience speaks for itself: over 10,000 press releases, 2,000 press interviews, we have organised over 200 press conferences and more than 50,000 journalist interactions, thereby gaining more than 100,000 press impacts for our customers.

Crisis Management

We set up the procedures or protocols to be followed during a communication crisis as it is experienced by the company and we also place our consultants alongside their top executives 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As a preventative measure we develop procedure manuals for the detection of crises and we establish action protocols for all levels within the company.

Internet and Digital Social Networks

Content creation and graphic design for the corporate web site as well as social network communication management.

Design and audit of web pages for better positioning (SEO / SEM)

Community Management. Online reputation management, responding and speaking actively on the company’s social media channels or where relevant mentions have been posted, as the voice of the company towards the community, a positive and open voice that transforms "internal company jargon" into an intelligible language.


We provide the whole process of the organisation of corporate events from the initial concept to the close.

We deal with design and production covering all aspects of the event: content creation, art direction, lighting design, audio-visual content, attendee invitations and follow-up ... as well as the communication of the event.

Amongst other clients the following have trusted us: Government of China, ONCE Foundation, Atos Origin, Estrella de Galicia, Metrovacesa, Bovis Lend Lease, Axa Group and Caja Rural.

  • Espectáculo de Música y Danza Tibetana
  • Rueda de Prensa Tebas & Coiduras
  • Estrella Galicia en Shangai
  • Jornadas Innovautas de Atos Origin
  • Cena en Museo del Ferrocarril
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Miradas
  • Semana Cultura Tibetana de China
  • Presentación ESADE Inter Partner Assistance
  • Bicicleta Solidaria Caja Rural